C/C Composite

What is the C/C composite? Well, this material is known by lots of various other usual names, such as carbon composite, CFC, C/C, as well as carbon-carbon compound, just among others. In this article, you will certainly recognize much more concerning the manufacturing procedure, physical functions, mechanical features and also various other sorts of C/C. So, keep reading.

Production process:

C/C composite

During the production procedure, the graphite fiber or carbon fiber is used for developing a special shape. In the following phase, the CVD or CVI is made use of for boosting the thickness of the material. Based upon the dimension of the item, this process takes about 5 to 8 months.

Physical attributes:

At heats, the CFC has a high degree of C/C content, which is greater than 90%. While the thickness is not so high, the mechanical attributes are impressive. Given that the material has a high melting point, higher resistance to temperature level, shock and rust, it can deal well with salt, antacid and acid.

Mechanical residential properties:

As far as stamina and elasticity goes, CFC is one of the most effective products. Other than this, it does not go through a lot of wear and tear. That’s the factor it can conserve you a lot of loan later on.

Temperature level stability:

It can stand a temperature as high as 2500 Celsius. So, the ablation resistance and thermal stress and anxiety can not impact it so quickly, that makes this material instead more powerful.

Unique functions:

Carbon-carbon compound is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant. Besides, its density is less than various other metals. Besides this, its tensile strength is a great deal greater than steel, which makes it a lot more resistant to thermal shock.

Types of The composite:

Now, allow’s understand even more concerning some common kinds of the C/C as well as their attributes. This will certainly be simply a brief introduction to the usual types of this material.


The composite has 2 directions: x and also y instructions. Normally, the item is a mix of the layers of carbon-fiber fabrics, such as CFC sheets, carbon composite boards as well as C/C accounts.

Key features of carbon-carbon brake discs

The thickness of the brake discs is lower than that of steel because of its weight. As a result, the performance of the airplane is better to a great extent.

C/C composite

Because its thermal expansion as well as warm coefficient is tiny, it is extra stable at heat. So, it will not thaw down so conveniently.

It’s friction efficiency goes over as well as the wear and tear depends on 50% lower than that of steel. Regular armed forces devices last much longer too.

3D composite:

Unlike 2D C/C composite, this type has 3 directions: x, y as well as z. At times, it’s likewise known as 3D xyz framework. 3D hoop framework is one more usual sort of this things.

4D composite:

Primarily, it’s 3D C/C composite. The reality of the issue is that it includes another fiber, which is called 4D.

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