Cheap Monster Beats By Dre

The cheap monster beats by Dre  is some of dynamic closed headphones. They’re branded under the T series line of the firm. Still tagged as an audiophile headphone, I think that this is the company’s attempt to introduce budget audiophile headphones that are affordable.

One of the amazing features of Audio Technica cans is the complete lack of skidding headbands, which nearly every other headphone brand in the marketplace is having now. This feature is dubbed the soft head support system. Well thanks to the Japanese invention, there of the Audio Technica will not be a problem of hairs that are clipped when wearing cans. The benefit comes with a price, which is the increased size of the headphone and the inability for it to be kept flat. This will not be an issue for individuals buying a pair of headphones for home usage.. The cups are circumaural, which means that people rest around the ear in contrast to. This makes people quite comfortable and perfect for hours of usage. Isolation on the cheap monster beats by Dre is great, mostly due to the fact that they closed and are circumaural. The cheap monster beats by Dre have a single sided cord, although these are instead audiophile headphones which is present in many dj headphones,. The wire is of high quality and and thick, stiff but the cans were meant to be used inside anyway.

Cheap Monster Beats By Dre

The cans are made of black plastic with a little metal. The aluminum used at the cups is supposed to help reduce vibration and create better sound. They are lightweight at just 270g and feel made of plastic, but you reassure that they’re a pair of cans that are solid. I had to shake my head a few times to make sure the soft head support system worked flawlessly and that they were protected, the headphone didn’t even budge. Because of the substance used on the ear pads, they feel exceptionally comfortable but can get hot after an hour of use on the ears.

For these cheap monster beats by Dre’ sound, they are great at copying mids. Vocals are exceedingly clear and themselves compliment the treble very well. I was listening to Secret Garden with these earphones and I was like “hell yeah, new age is great on these”. Yet, here is a specific lack of punchy bass with these cheap monster beats by Dre and my guess is that Audio Technica planned at making these cans neutral and analytic. The sound has less coloration compared to many other headphones accessible but themselves are not laid back. The reason why I would not consider these cheap monster beats by Dre to have a laid back sound is because the mids and highs really stand out and are quite aggressive. This permits the listener to hear a good amount of detail from these cans. Listening to cymbals, these cans give a nice “ting” to each hit. The soundstage is typical the bass does not give you that fine thump and as highs and the mids are slightly hard to distinguish. The bass is precise but in my honest view, a small amount of extra coloration would actually make my day. An amp should sort that issue out.