Cougar Seeking Younger Men

After I thought about this I presumed that ‘Cougars’ would be hot, fit, intelligent, self-sufficient ladies with high flying professions – very Kim Catterall as in Sex in the Town. Nevertheless, I must report that it is not so. If you think that all cougars are successful, delightful, independent women then you’re sadly mistaken – there seems to be an instead changing scale; their one and only common denominator being their appeal for younger guys.Cougar seeking younger men is offen in the rich women.

Cougar Seeking Younger Men

True cougars are mainly single women, normally in their. They have been quietly confident and secure in their own activities; they’ll look and come across much younger than their years, often significantly so. Single Women have a passion for life and living it to the full and generally revel in their own achievements. They may not be blond, and they may not possess the most amazing figure, but they have an atmosphere about them that demands focus, a naughty twinkle in their own eyes having an ability to flirt openly without anxiety about rejection. Single Women infrequently seek long term commitment and make no demands – sex without commitment – a winning combination that many young men will find irresistible.Cougar seeking younger men for sex.

On the other side there a women that have settled down with their counterpart and it is no longer just the likes of Madonna, Demi Moore and Joan Collins who are proud to say they favor dating younger guys. I read one story about a girl who ran away from home with Madonna’s sons’ best friend. The woman had a real zest for life although she was in her late 40’s, slightly heavy, not particularly fashionable – the young man was completely magnificent and 24. When asked what it was that made her so appealing, he said it was her attitude to life – she was confident, mature and wise, yet still had a feeling of adventure and whole lot of naughtiness! The Woman said it was his insufficient expectation and demands that got it work so well. Four years later and the relationship was still going strong…

Cougar Seeking Younger Men

Me, if I’m honest I would need to say that when you can pull a younger model ‘good on you lady’, but when I studied cougars on the net, I was quite surprised at the changing level of view – some think its fairly harmless whilst others believe cougars are the demon in disguise and must be burned at the stake! Another surprise was the great number of dating websites available for those women looking for vise versa and the younger man. It definitely didn’t take long for the trend to catch on…

Nevertheless, my interpretation was fully turned on its head by one site in particular. It advertised itself as the ultimate dating site for actual cougars. A beautiful woman was pictured on the front, classy, sexy and hot – of what a cougar was just my comprehension. Their definition read something like this – women in their own sexual prime, fully at ease with whom and what they are; lovely, classy, independent affluent women with brilliant careers; real head turners. I clicked onto among the profile descriptions and nearly fell off my seat. A picture was of an enormous pair of breasts. And what a pair they were! I needed to click back to be certain that I hadn’t read things wrong – no, definitely states, classy and beautiful! This completely turned everything upside down – I clicked onto more and there, in-between some profile pictures of stunningly beautiful, classy women were more more naked bodies and boobs. I instantaneously felt truly sorry for those women who were true cougars and took their standing quite seriously. The entire site and the whole merely completely cheapened ‘cougar’ notion – no wonder there were such changing views about the topic. There were women dressed in animal prints that are cheap with bleached blonde hair and bright red lips – don’t get me wrong I am quite partial to that look myself but these women seemed ‘filthy’ and certainly not refined or classy looking at all. Could these women really portray themselves as cougars? I mean who’s to say they’re not? However, real cougars I feel would be rather horrified that these less than classy women really believed themselves to be in the exact same league.

Personally I don’t perceive cougar as a word that is derogatory, and any woman who regards herself as a member of this club should view this as a privilege, never an embarrassment. Actual cougars have worked difficult and long to earn their stripes and shouldn’t feel discouraged by individual comments. Double standards I fear!

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