Electric Three Way Control Valve

Compared with manual valve, the electric three way control valve is fairly distinct. Notably when it’s installed, it should be often kept in order prolong the use life and to operate generally.

Firstly, work prevalent. The electric three way control valve should be used within the maximum opening such as 80%, at the start. Therefore, the erosion caused by air or impact may happen on the head of the valve case. At The exact same time, when working widespread, the difference for throttling is enormous and therefore the erosion is quite feeble. To some amount, the operation time can be prolonged by it.

Secondly, narrow the diameter. Through narrowing the diameter of the valve, it can raise the work opening. There are two methods to realize the purpose: (a). Folks can shift another valve with a smaller diameter. The DN32 can be altered into the DN25. (b). Folks can replace a valve seat that is small although there is no need to alter the valve body. In general, both of them can prolong the electric three way control valve’s operation time.

Electric Three Way Control Valve

Thirdly, Alter the flow direction. While, if the flow direction of close-type is in line with the closing direction, the erosion will happen under the sealing face of the valve seat and after the accelerator. Thereby, the service time can be prolonged by it through protecting the sealing face and the case root. It really is implied when the valve, used as open-kind, faces the erosion that is serious, individuals can shift the flow direction, which can prolong the usage time.

Replace special material. In order to prevent impact and cavitation, it is a much better way to adopt cavitation-resistant and impact-proofed special material to make the component that is restraining. There are several materials that could be chosen, like 6YC-1, A4 steel, stellite, hard metal and so forth. If people want to increase its erosion-resistance, individuals can select some stuff with the physical and mechanical properties, like rubber, ceramics, hastelloy and so on.

The arrangement of the electric three way control valve, changes. Altering valve’s arrangement or selecting the valve with longer use time can realize the purpose. As an example, people can choose multilevel dropping valve, anti- erosion or cavitation valve -proof valve.

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