Outdoor Led Screen Rental Price

As all of us recognize, as a rep of a plus size screen of high illumination, outdoor led screen rental price has nearly outside display screen condition of the king, generally specified as installed in the building facades, huge column at the top of display screen products. The previous two years tiny pitch outdoor led screen innovation is widely used and also identified, market experts believe that digital signs advertising machine application or combat zone will be the very best small pitch outdoor led screen. As the marketplace continues to expand and also upgrade the LED, for outdoor led screen innovation needs are also boosting, the market competitors is fierce yet additionally to LED modern technology as reflected in the competitiveness of enterprises.

Outdoor Led Screen Rental Price

Recently, news that the Oriental group replaced by a two-stage method of forming a new structure to create a brand-new outdoor led screen aspect driving security and luminous efficiency is improved by more than 3 times, which marks the ED high illumination, low power intake The display screen lighting system an advance.

Show industry, the semiconductor market as well as called Korea the two sectors as the primary tool to communicate the image, the relevance of the screen is self-evident, and reduced power consumption, light weight, first class and also flexibility and other performance indicators likewise its the basic trend of advancement, so the research study team examined mostly for a brand-new generation of screen materials and quantum dot light emitting elements.

Korea Institute of Scientific research and also Modern technology (KIST) zodiac Beijing (phonetic) Dr. photoelectric products research study group, and also the future Integrated Innovation Proving ground Cui Yuan Agency (phonetic), using polymer products research study team, Dr. PEIE and also zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles generate “shot layer” as well as “transportation level” the dual layer structure, security and luminous performance of the gadget have been maximized improved, hence the growth of quantum dot outdoor led screen rental price.

Macromolecular materials PEIE low cost, and is an eco-friendly product, if exposure to the material and the steel conductivity or organic, could decrease the work function of each compound, as well as thus play the function of surface modification of products. Greater indium tin oxide (ITO) work feature of 4.8 eV, as a result mostly made use of as an anode product in repainted PEIE (surface area modifier), the work function reduced 3.08 eV, therefore comes to be a cathode usage, such The security of such conversion component structure is enhanced.

After forming the shot level and the transport layer, just the role of polymer product PEIE shot layer as well as blocked exterior shot opening, after that delivering the electron transport level will neglect, in order to address this issue, the research study group at PEIE coated with zinc oxide nanoparticles, to act as a duty electron transportation level, by this layout concept, the supreme success of the development of quantum dot outdoor led screen, this research study has actually just recently published in the International Journal “Scientific News” in March Online 10th.

Outdoor Led Screen Rental Price

Dr. Wong commented: “Price PEIE and also raw materials such as zinc oxide is not high, and on earth abundant, stable resource aspect electrodes conversion framework is very stable, not only to prolong the life of the display screen can additionally be made use of for solar battery optical sensor; quantum dot outdoor led screen is still in the trial stage, compared to the typical display, color pureness as well as high quality have actually boosted considerably, anticipated in the next 5 to 10 years are anticipated to replace Ooutdoor led screen as well as ultimately to accomplish mass office manufacturing. ”

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