Plastic Juice Bottle Manufacturers

Water. It is the greatest in going green for our bodies. Bottled water is the fastest growing drink in the America. We have been told to drink more water; it is healthy. So we have stepped up. But this recently acquired custom is so unhealthy for Mother Earth.

Bottled water is mobile. The trouble with all this drinking is there generally are not recycling receptacles accessible at these locations.

Plastic Juice Bottle Manufacturers

Wow…it is staggering to believe that up to 88% of all the countless plastic juice bottle manufacturers sold end up as trash or stuffed into our landfills.

But the good thing is there’s something you are able to do about it. The Container Recycling Institute is expecting that the want to recycle would be created by a national plastic juice bottle manufacturers deposit law. There are now eleven states that have this type of bill set up. And the Institute asserts that States like Michigan that do have a whopping 95% recycling rate is seen by a bottle deposit law!

The best part of this type of bill is it gives the opportunity to raise capital for whatever they may desire to organizations and people. Gathering plastic juice bottle manufacturers from neighbors, picking up trash and placing recycling receptacles in local companies to subsequently turn in the bottles for cash (generally about $.05 per bottle) is an excellent means to get paid, preserve energy in addition to help keep the Earth healthy.

Okay, now back from what you are able to do.

The Container Recycling Institute has set up a web-based toolkit so you will help get the word out and get this bill passed, to allow it to be super easy that you help. It’s possible for you to become an activist because of this worthwhile cause. The toolkit comes with all kinds of goodies like letters to the editor, press releases, reports, opposition strategies and much more. Visit to get the toolkit and do your part to help keep Mother Earth healthy.

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