The UHMWPE rods can be found alongside finials, which often are available in several styles like wrought iron, wooden, gem, glass, ceramic, copper, steel with flexible telescopic rods and competed with supports and bands. The high quality of the UHMWPE rods demonstrates to become strong, durable and rather easy to set up.

There are kinds of UHMWPE rods obtainable in the market today, all of which offer an alternative purpose.

Following are the various kinds of UHMWPE rods:

Restaurant rods – available with or without rings. These can be found with several finishing details of enamel and metal and so are used for wrap- hand, tab blinds – drawn windows and drapes that are exclusive.

Sash rods – here-you can use short mounting brackets offering the curtains to stay doors and close to the glass windows. These are commonly used for expanded curtains on doors.

Extensive UHMWPE rods – usually are obtainable in 21/2″ and 4-1/2″ widths. They’ve spot fittings which make these rods suitable for particular bay and corner windows.


Narrow UHMWPE rods – are used for standard rod -wallet window treatments. They are obtainable in clear and clear plastic content that does not display the curtain cloth.

UHMWPE rods are for hanging curtains the vital items. Which means you doorframes and need to select the versions that can perfectly accommodate the window.

You can even produce UHMWPE rods of your personal at home. Merely assess the breadth of the windows and opportunities and have the rods with several intensive ins on either side. Find curtain rings, hooks, unfinished dowels, and finials to generate your UHMWPE rods that are desirable. Cut on the dowel, paint it and after that mess the big hooks in to the wall on the window. Bond the wonderful curtain rings within the dowel, fix the knobs at each conclusion and hold some blinds that are fantastic to perform your home decoration.

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