Wu Yi Horsebow

You should comprehend several simple notions if you try and discover whether you need a left hand Wu Yi horsebow or right hand Wu Yi horsebow.

Wu Yi Horsebow

To begin with a hunter that is right hand should purchase a Wu Yi horsebow that is right hand. Conversely, a left hand Wu Yi horsebow should be used by a left handed archer. This is as simple as is. It is a very big mistake.

Having said that I want to include that it is extremely vital that you comprehend another notion when selecting your bow: your eye dominance. That is because some individuals don’t fall into right hand bow for left handed individuals and the principle left hand bows for right handed individuals. This really is where eye dominance comes in.

Let us put it this way – you’re an exclusion in the above rule if your eye dominance is different to your hand dominance,. That is whether or not your eye dominance matches your hand dominance and why you have to understand what exactly is it. If your eye dominance is significantly diffent to your own hand laterality you may possess a bad experience shooting with the wrong type of Wu Yi horsebow.

What you could also do before choosing the right kind of bow is to pretend that you are shooting with one. Just close your left eye first and place your hands into the right position feigning you are planning to shoot. How will you feel? Try change your hands position and to do another eye to the exact same closing. What is the posture that is most comfortable?

Wu Yi Horsebow

To summarize, there is about choosing the right bow type a general rule: if you’re a right-handed individual you should buy left hand Wu Yi horsebow, otherwise get the right hand one. Make sure to also check your eye dominance.

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